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Meet the Team


Sheree Nicholson E-RYT 500

Studio Owner and Lead Teacher

Like many of you Sheree found yoga when she was seeking reprieve from the modern day stresses. Stresses such as being a Mom, a step Mom, a Sales Manager, and generally just an overachiever. Here in this ancient practice of yoga, she found a modern day solution to living her best life.

She was gently drawn into teaching, then opened Live With Spirit Yoga and Fitness studio, as a way of offering back what she had found.

Sheree is E-RYT 500 meaning she has over 5,000 teaching hours. In truth she probably has 5 times that much. She has been teaching yoga for 17 years, practicing for 22 years. She has lost track of the amount of hours she has taught, being caught up in the gift of being able to teach yoga for a living.

Sheree has authored over 25 yoga manuals, which means she has studied, researched and written all the manuals used in this course. She thanks all the amazing yogi's, authors and teachers she has had, each has taught her so much.

A perpetual student she has studied both in Canada and abroad, spending 5 weeks in Thailand studying yoga. Her quest for learning means that she teaches you from a wealth of experience. Constantly evolving she earned a degree in Metaphysics and is currently working on her Masters. 

During the pandemic Sheree took the time to deepen her knowledge taking advanced Pranayama course, Advanced Anatomy and more.

Experience matters to you because you will be learning from Sheree who has a wide range of experience and knowledge. 

If you are excited and yet nervous about becoming a yoga teacher, reach out to Sheree. She was once there wondering if she could or should become a teacher.

Call or text Sheree @ (905) 620-1151 to book your free no pressure call or meeting.

Chantale Bondoux.jpg

Chantale Bondoux E RYT 500



Chantale Bondoux

RYT 500

Certified Life Coach Practitioner (CCF)

Canfitpro FIS

Stott Pilates certified


Chantale came to yoga through her career in fitness and passion for everything wellness. As a fitness leader with decades of experience motivating and inspiring others to be their best, yoga first showed up as “the latest fitness trend”. …but soon became much more and Chantale’s truest passion.

 “Yoga is so much more than the just the postures…it is truly the portal to one’s self-expression and self-realization. Yoga offers us the opportunity to honestly look inward, to pause, to reflect and to shift our energies through movement.”

Chantale brings compassion, inspiration and a touch of humour to her teaching and is “honoured” to hold space for her students’ energetic expansion, as well as their physical accomplishments. Her favourite class formats include Freedom Flow, Yin and Power Vinyasa. She meets students where they are, on and off the mat and is continuously inspired by the energy and community of the yoga experience.

Always a student, Chantale is continually expanding her knowledge through retreats, workshops and continuing education and loves sharing these learnings.

“I am truly honoured to be a part of the Live with Spirit faculty.  I am always delighted and inspired by the students and the experience.  Namaste.”

Studied with: Sean Corne, Rod Stryker, Sadie Nardini, Ashley Turner, Bo Forbes

Baron Baptiste, and more…






Ram Vakkalanka

Ram Vakkalanka is a Nada Yogi, Yoga philosopher, Sanskrit expert and Kirtan artist. Ram belongs to the spiritual lineage of an ancient Yogi - Dattatreya. He studied Sanskrit for 7 years while growing up, along with many ancient texts such as Yoga Sutras, Bhagavadgita and Upanishads. Ram was initiated into music thru Sitar in his teens and studied it for around 13 years from different teachers. He belongs to the musical lineage of the world renowned Sitar Maestro Ravi Shankar. Ram travels all over the world, sharing his knowledge of Yoga philosophy, Sanskrit, Kirtan and Nada Yoga, thru workshops at Yoga studios and Retreat centres as well as on a one-on-one basis. Many yogis/yoginis, corporate executives, doctors, healing arts practitioners study Sanskrit, Yoga philosophy, Kirtan, Sitar and Harmonium with Ram.

Parampreet Singh 


Parampreet Singh has been involved in meditation, yoga and Indian religious studies for over four decades. During that time, he’s been meditating, writing, storytelling, and teaching.

His university degree included work in Philosophy, Psychology and Religious Studies at McMaster University.

He is the host of the Meditation Questions Podcast and the Science Meditations Podcast which is a place for those interested in meditation from a scientific perspective.

Jenn YTT photo_edited.jpg

Jennifer Traviss-Sheehan

I attended my first yoga class 13 years ago, then continued to practice intermittently for the next few years. After brief hiatus’ I always found myself back on my mat. In 2017, I began my yoga
teacher training after a series of meditation classes, in hopes of deepening my own practice, and to learn more about what it was I was so drawn to. Since then I have completed YTT 200,
PowerFit Yoga and have more recently completed my 500hr Yoga Teacher Training, 2021.

With a deep interest in all things related to yoga I have also studied Sanskrit and Vedic Astrology. I enjoy using all these teachings in class to create an inclusive environment that encouragesparticipants to challenge themselves and have fun on their journey.  

Yoga gives me a space to unwind and reconnect with myself. To move, breathe and quiet my mind. I feel restored and renewed after practice. My hope is to provide an atmosphere in class
where students will feel the same.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self - Bhagavad Gita

Judy YTT Photo.jpg

Judy O'Dell

Judy has 8+ years of teaching both workouts in person and virtually. She has completed RYT500, an accreditation in Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. Judy is also certified to teach Mat Pilates.

She currently teaches at OSCC55+ (Oshawa Seniors), two Seniors Residences, Community Living Oshawa/Clarington and also teaches private students. Her students, beginners and intermediate, appreciate her teaching style focused on correct alignment, thus avoiding injury.


Judy's previous career was in Sales, managing 15+ sales reps, who in 2016 and 2017, were the top sales team in Canada at JP Morgan Chase. She retired in 2018 and has been teaching Yoga and Pilates full time since.


When not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her four children, eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren, albeit not at the same time. She also likes to hike in the local Conservation Areas. Reach out to Judy at

Michelle Ho - Anatomy Teacher

Michelle Ho is a registered nurse, mother of twin boys and has been practicing yoga since the age of 13, though she just called it exercises back then. The body, as we know, is much more than a sum of its parts; it incorporates multiple layers of tissue, bone, organs, breath, energy and spirituality. Michelle sees yoga as a wonderful complement to her nursing practice, and vice versa. Yoga is increasingly recognized in western medical society as an effective treatment for strengthening healthy bodies and minds or restoring people from illness or injury. It truly is for everyone, and Michelle has personally experienced the transformative effects of regular yoga practice on her whole self. It is with this belief that she enjoys sharing her practice with other yoga practitioners. 

Her official yoga journey towards teaching began when she took her first class in 2010 and later made one of the best decisions of her life. She completed Live with Spirit yoga teacher training in 2015 and began her teaching practice at that time. She enjoys teaching Hatha style as well as power yoga, vinyasa flows, and restorative yin styles. She believes that being a good teacher is supported by being a student and continuing to learn from other teachers as well as self study. Yoga is a never ending journey, just like life. Yoga has been life changing, provided her with love and peace and she wants to share this life altering practice with the rest of the world.

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