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We are open Virtually and In-Person !!


 Please note all our yoga classes can be live streamed on Zoom. Need the link ? Email us before class and it will be sent to you. Please give us time to send the link.

 Please note the studio is closed Good Friday.

Please register 30 minutes prior to class by emailing Or text Sheree @ (905) 620-1151


To participate in a drop-In class, you must email or text

Sheree  @(905) 620-1151  30 minutes prior to class.

All our yoga and Pilates classes are available on Zoom, email us early enough so we have time to send you the link.




To register for a classes email


Personal training or Private Yoga sessions by appointment.

12:00 | PM  Chair Yoga and Balance - 45 to 60 minutes Pre-registered Class.

Are you concerned about your balance as you age? Falls due to poor balance can be a serious risk for seniors. Our chair yoga and balance class can help! Our experienced instructor will guide you through a practice that includes seated yoga poses and supported standing poses that will help improve your balance and reduce your risk of falls

Start Date - Monday, April 8th

End Date -  Monday, May 27th

8 weeks for $104.00 plus hst. Join the wait list or register by emailing $117.52 to

6.00 PM | PowerFit Pilates -  (45 Minutes) Drop-in Class. A combination of classic Pilates  with some added body weight movements. This class is a great way to tone and strengthen your core. This class may incorporate a variety of props including small balls, large balls, magic circles, light weights and bands. All levels welcome.

7:00 PM | Flow Yoga -  (60 MinutesDrop-In class. Freestyle flow class links breath to movement. Flow yoga incorporates interesting flows, with a focus on connecting within. All levels welcome. 

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To register for a classes email

Personal Training or Private Yoga sessions by appointment.

6:00 PM Mud Girl - (45 Minutes) Drop-In class

This class will prepare you for spring mud races. It's a fully body fitness class with a twist. Functional, fun and more.

7:00PM | New Class Coming soon !! Check back next week.

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Personal Training or Private Yoga sessions by appointment.

5:00 PM| Beginners Kettlebell (45 Minutes) Pre-registered Class.

Kettlebells give you an amazing full body workout. The basic 2 handed swing works 80% of the muscles in your body. The combination of strength and cardio is unmatched. Learn how to swing safely and properly.


6:00 PM | PowerFit Kettlebell Workout - (45 Minutes) Drop-In Class 

A Kettlebell class, using a variety of kettlebells you will experience, the many benefits of using kettlebells. Including cardio, strength and power. There is no other piece of equipment that allows for the versatility and creativity of kettlebells.

7:00 PM | Peaceful Hatha Yoga Level 1-2 -(60 Minutes) Drop-In Class

A gentle class suitable for all levels, using breath, gentler yoga, and meditation to revitalize you for the rest of your week. (60 mins) All levels welcome.



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To register for a classes email

6:00 PM  | You had me at Ropes - (45 Minutes) Drop-In class  - Circuit class returns. In this class we work hard and have fun. If you've taken this class before you know how great it is. This fall we have some new equipment - surprise !! Sign up early as this class filled the last 2 times.

7:00 PM | Yoga for Runners 

Our Yoga for Runners classes focus on strengthening and stretching the muscles used most frequently while running. We use targeted poses to help improve range of motion, flexibility, and overall body awareness. Our classes are designed with runners in mind, so you can expect to get a workout that complements your sport. Through consistent attendance, you'll experience better performance and fewer injuries, both on and off the road.

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8:00 AM | Drop In Hatha Yoga online

Join us in the privacy of your own home for a Hatha yoga class, live on Zoom. Hatha Yoga is a gentler style of  yoga.

Email for the zoom link.

Personal Training or Private Yoga sessions by appointment.

To book your private training or yoga sessions email

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To register for a classes email

9:30 AM | Power Flow Yoga -  (60 minuntes) Drop in Class   Dynamic movement linked to the breath. This class will help you release the stress from your week and energize you for the weekend. All levels welcome.


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To register for a virtual or in studio classes


Yoga Teacher Training

Check our Teacher Training page for the 2021 course schedule.  You can be a teacher and transform your life!! Click on the following link for more details

We now offer Advanced Yoga teacher training. Click on the following link for the course schedule


Call or text Sheree @ (905) 620-1151 to book your personal training session or to book a private consultation to discuss your goals.

Note: Yoga Teacher Training is held Saturday and Sunday one weekend a month. If you are interested in deepening your own yoga practice or becoming a yoga teacher please email for information.

Please see our Specialty class schedule for more information on pre-registered classes.

​To register or for more information call (905) 620-1151 or email

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