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Join our first-ever January 30 Day Steps challenge.

Starting January 2, 2024


This challenge is to encourage us to be active during the winter months when it can be hard to get outdoors.

  1. In week one, I encourage you to get 5000 steps a day

  2. In week two, I encourage you to get 6000 steps a day

  3. In week three, I encourage you to get 7000 steps a day

  4. In week four, I encourage you to get 8000 steps a day

By increasing the amount of step seats each week, we are encouraging you to add a little bit more each week.

Here are my favourite places to walk locally.

  • Heber Down Conservation Area

  • The lakefront path.

  • In my neighbourhood (this makes it easy).

  • Any trails north of Whitby – Walker Woods, Glen Major Forest, and Durham Forest.


Safety Tips;


  • If you’re walking on the road, walk facing traffic, and pay attention to cars. There are many distracted drivers these days

  • Don’t go into Trails alone; grab a buddy.

  • Walk around with your cell phone charged, just in case.

  • Watch out for ice; invest in spikes for your running shoes.


This challenge can be walking or running. If you need support, find a buddy to walk or run with. Or find a running club to go out with.


  • Our Studio has a run/Yoga Class,  Thursdays at 7 pm. You could walk and do yoga that night as well.

  • Durham Trail runners is starting a new trail running clinic

  • Head out with your dog or significant other (not to compare the two).

  • On awful weather days, I walk/run Indoors at the Abilities Centre, you can also walk on your treadmill – I call them dreadmills lol.

  • Rather than meeting a friend for a coffee, suggest you meet for a walk


If you miss a day, don’t worry; divide the number of steps you missed by the days left and separate them over the rest of the week. Don’t panic. One easy way to get your steps in is to do your long run or walk on the weekends. Then take shorter walks during the week. The weekly mileage is suggested as daily, but can be done in longer walks or runs.

Sunday mornings, I go running with friends, and I get a ton of steps. I go further because I am with people, and it’s definitely more enjoyable.

Everyone who participates will get a certificate of recognition. Those who meet the goal will be entered into a draw, with the winner receiving a $100 gift certificate to Lululemon. The second prize draw will be a free month at the studio. The third prize will be a $25 gift card to Starbucks.


How to enter

Send me your email, and I will put you in a spreadsheet.

Join us on Strava, a free fitness app. Here you can post your steps, pictures and we will plan a few meet ups, during the month. Lets build a fun winter fitness community.


Have fun!!

Start tracking your steps on January 2. You will need a smart watch or phone that tracks your steps. On the last day of the week, screenshot your weekly steps and send them to me, where they will be recorded in the spreadsheet.

You’ll do this four times, as it’s a four-week challenge, At the end of the month, I will announce the people who have completed the challenge and hold the draw

Please take pictures and post them on Instagram tagging us in them. Use the #livewithspirit

Everyone who participates will receive one week free at the studio, which they can use themselves or give to a friend, note all our yoga is live virtua,l so out of town participants can join.

Let’s beat the winter blues, get active and outdoors when possible.


Join me this winter in a fun challenge.

Lets step into 2024 !!

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Thanks for submitting!

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