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        Sheree Nicholson, Owner Live With Spirit



One of the most beautiful things about Yoga is the new lease on life it gives you. When I see your light begin to shine, it makes everything I have learned and teach worthwhile. Yoga helps you become healthier not only physically but mentally as well.

When you bring Yoga into your life, everything changes. It certainly did for me. I was a pack a day smoker, working in the corporate world, and over 40 before I began Yoga. Now I run, walk, and practice Yoga every day.

It has been so life-changing I am almost evangelical about it. I couldn't imagine not sharing and teaching it to others. It's like knowing you have a secret that can make someone's life better. Why wouldn't I want to share that? If my partner Tom, daughter, and grandson didn't think I had completely lost it, I would yell it from the roof-tops if I could.

With a degree in marketing, I know there is a better and saner way to get the word out. That's why I have written several pocket guides like; Simple Ways to Meditate and Find Incredible Silence in Your Life, as well as The Pocket Guide to Extreme Happiness and Love. Plus, I have been a speaker at the Toronto Yoga Conference, The Toronto New Thought Conference, and Toronto Vegfest.


My passion has also led me to write a regular column in the Brooklin Town Crier, appear on Rogers Daytime speaking about plant-based eating, Yoga, and local charity events, and contributing articles to the Globe and Mail.


I love what I do so much. I took my passion abroad. I spent five weeks in Thailand, studying Yoga and meditation at the Agama School. I also have an advanced yoga teacher certification. Teaching Yoga Instructors is a beautiful gift because they can inspire others to live healthier lives once they start teaching - spreading the joy of Yoga to hundreds more.


The hardest thing for anyone starting a yoga practice is taking that first step. One of my favourite quotes is, "We are the ones we are waiting for." By Hopi Elder. If you are on the fence about getting started, think about the power you have inside you to make that leap. No matter what your skill or fitness level, you can experience the benefits almost immediately. You deserve a life of health and happiness.

Want to discover how Yoga can change your life like it changed mine? Get in touch with me, and we can talk about what judgment-free virtual and in-person classes you can take to start your transformation. It's never too late—one life – no regrets. Start today!


Want to interview me for a podcast or article? Some possible interview topics include:

  1. Can you be mindful, and what does it mean?

  2. Simple ways to find happiness in your everyday life

  3. Does it have to be all or nothing (I don't have time to live in an Ashram, my floors need washing)?

  4. What does gratitude teach us?

  5. How to recharge your battery daily (you are as important as your smartphone)

  6. Plant-based eating 101.

  7. How do you get your protein on a plant-based diet? 

Contact me to start your journey by clicking here

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