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Will yoga change the world ?

Can Yoga change the world? I guess if everyone in the world practiced yoga or a similar transformational form of spirituality. We would change the world

But in reality, all we can change is ourselves. Horrible news is being delivered to our phones and televisions. The cost of food is going up and up . Interest rates have skyrocketed. We all feel personal and collective stress.

Yoga is more important now than ever. One day, we will have gotten through all this, and when we look back. How will we have handled it? Were we the strength for our children? Did we fight unnecessarily with our partners? Did we show compassion to ourselves and other?

Yoga can give us the tools to navigate our everyday stress.

My favourite quote is ;

We are the people who are waiting

Hopi Elder

Join me in navigating challenging times. Learn how to use your breath and yoga to take a pause.

If not, now, when?

Yoga tonight at 7 p.m. with Deanna and Saturday at 9:30 AM with Sheree.


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