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Pick up your energy bags. Put down your weary bags.

It's no doubt most of us struggle with work/life balance. Add kids or aging parents to that mix, and the result is even more stress and fatigue at the end of the week. As you head into the weekend, which is your time, you are the most exhausted. That's why I love Saturday morning yoga. It's a chance to de-stress and set my Saturday up for success. Saturday yoga is a chance to let all the work BS go and free your mind and body. Yoga, a cup of coffee, and then I am ready for the day. It's even more critical this time of year as stress multiplies. Put down your weary bags for an hour, and pick up your energy bags for the weekend.

Join us at our 9:30 am drop-in class. If you missed a workout this week, it's a power flow class. Power yoga is a combination of strength and stretch. It's the perfect style for type A'

Yoga does for your body what water does for a thirsty plant. Don't droop into your weekend.

Text (905) 620-1151 to book your spot, or sign up on our app.


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