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12 Tips to creating a sustainable home workout.

Working out from home can be a struggle for most people. Welcome to being human.

While some people seem to be good at sticking to a home workout routine. Most of us are not, hence the need for gyms and personal trainers. But gyms are closed , social distancing is still in affect and there's no way of knowing when this is going to change.

Here' are some tips to keep you motivated.

1. Schedule your workouts, put them in your planner, and then plan the rest of your activities around them. Consider them an appointment with yourself. Let your family know you are busy during your workout time.

2. Exercise in the morning, this comes under the heading of doing the hardest thing first. A workout performed early, means it's off your plate, and the day is yours. Plus, you won't have it looming over you all day.

3. A month or so ago my partner and I started walking in the evening and now we walk every day. In the morning we will say to each other “when is a good time to walk for you today?” It’s become a habit we love. On weekends we may walk twice a day it’s not only great exercise but it’s time to connect and talk.

4. Try some Zoom classes. More than likely, your favorite gym is offering some, so check them out. Pay if you can, as gyms have overhead, even though they are closed. But if you too are in the same situation, support them through your attendance. As well, you can share your love on Social Media.

5. Now’s the time to explore different types of workouts in the safety of your own home, where no one can see you(lol). Have you always wanted to try Zumba but thought hmmm, maybe not. Try it now. Find what you love and “just do it” (Thanks Nike for that awesome quote).

6. Track your workouts, either in your Google Calendar or old school on a paper calendar, write them down at the beginning of the week and then cross them off once done. There's a massive sense of accomplishment seeing things crossed off. Post your calendar where it's visible. (Download my free calendar on my Free Stuff Page

7. Break your workout into smaller sections, do 10 minutes here and there. This works for super busy people or for those that find an hour daunting. Those mini workouts will add up during the day.

8. Are you a runner or a walker? Sign up for some virtual races to keep you motivated, as well you can support some great charities.

9. If you are into binge-watching Netflix, set up your trainer or treadmill in front of the TV. Now you can binge and get fit.

10. Hire a personal trainer, this investment in yourself will pay off in time as you reach your personal goals. Personal trainers plan workouts that are geared for you, and seem to know just when it’s time to push a little harder. Start now on Zoom, and then progress to in-person when our situation changes.

11. Trick yourself into working by saying, "If I workout today, I can then", rewards work. Don't reward yourself with high-calorie foods but find something that motivates you.

12. Know your why! Know why you want to work out and it's best not to make it about your looks. Make it about something more profound, such as you want to enjoy a healthy life well into your golden years. I work out because I love how I feel part way through the workout and after. This energy makes me calmer and happier. I'm not too fond of the edgy feeling I get when I am not working out.

13. Join an online challenge if group activities motivate you. Post your success, ask questions and cheer on other members.

For personal training, private yoga or Pilates, click here

Sessions can start on Zoom and transition to in-studio when the social distancing restrictions are lifted.

Sheree Nicholson is the owner of Live With Spirit Yoga & Fitness studio in Whitby, Ontario. She has a certificate in plant-based nutrition from eCornell University and is working on her Masters in Metaphysics. Sheree holds certifications in Advanced Yoga, Pilates, Reebok Spinning and Kettlebell training,. This benefits you as she focuses on functional movement, strength and weight loss.


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