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Are you really fit?

Being fit is tied to longevity, mental health, and overall self-confidence.

Mental health is a big topic these days; however, mild depression and anxiety can be helped with regular exercise. Exercise releases endorphins, which increase feelings of well-being

Self-confidence is one of my favourite benefits of exercise. Knowing my body and trusting my body allows me to have adventurous experiences outside the studio.

When you're young, it's hard to think of longevity as necessary, but later in life, it becomes critical. If you're 40 now? How much longer do you want to live, and with what quality of life?

There are five pillars of being fit they are flexibility, strength, power, endurance and cardio. For example, is a runner fit if they can run long distances but has no upper body strength. Is a weightlifter fit if they can lift heavy weights but have crappy joint mobility.

At Live With Spirit Yoga and Fitness, we try to touch on all aspects of FITNESS during our weekly classes

We cover strength, power, cardio, and endurance in Kettlebell and fitness classes. In our yoga classes, we work on flexibility, joint mobility, and recovery. Add a little Pilates in there, focusing on the core, and you have a prescription for overall excellent health.

Tonight in Studio, we have a 6 p.m. Kettlebell class, which offers cardio, strength, power, and endurance—followed at 7 p.m. by a gentler Hatha yoga class, which provides flexibility, recovery, and tools to deal with your everyday stress.


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