Hey Everyone, I just wanted to reach out to ensure you that we are taking all necessary COVID precautions. Numbers are still fairly low in our region. Most of the cases are in schools or long care facilities. That said, this a reminder of our procedures.

Doors will be left open during classes to permit air flow. We have purchased a HEPA air cleaning system.

If you arrive early for a class please wait on the steps, we will manage the flow of people in and out of the studio.


Be mindful of Physically distancing and wear your masks.

If you are not feeling well skip coming. I know it sucks to miss a workout but safety is important.


Masks must be worn in the common areas, but may be taken off on your mat. If you prefer, you may leave your mask on during class. I have extra masks available at both entrance doors.

Please use hand sanitizer upon entering the studio.

All equipment is double cleaned we wipe it down, spray it, and then put it away. We also then re-spray the shelves that the equipment is on.

The trainer will bring your equipment to your mat. Used equipment is placed by the blackboard wall for cleaning.

Please bring your own mat to the studio.

The trainer/teacher will assist you in mat placement. But we have room for 6 students plus the teacher.

Our studio being small is actually a benefit, we don't have high traffic or allow for drop ins.

There are only 6 people allowed in each class, so no drop in's, if you are coming to class please register online in Mindbody or text me at (905) 620-1151.

Let's all be safe as we get through this together. Remember exercise is a huge stress reliever. If you are not coming to the studio try to get outdoors for a walk, run or cycle. If you need a running plan (for free) message me.

Remember that spinning is an entirely different sport than what we are offering, there is consistent hard breathing and pushing hard.