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Be the best version of you! Live authentically!


Create the Life and Business you want!


Life and Business Coaching are one and the same, how you think, your past, your goals all determine your current life.


Each coaching session begins with a guided meditation, we then begin to peel the layers of the onion away to connect and discuss any barriers you have to success.


We will also use practical steps to create your business and best life. Examples are; creating your business plan, content marketing, building your network, and how to sell yourself. 


I have practical business experience including many years as an award-winning Sales Manager in the Direct Marketing industry. I have sat on several boards for the Canadian Marketing Association and the Direct Marketing Association of Toronto . Recently I joined the Whitby Chamber of Commerce to help plan their annual Business Summit.

Coaching is an investment in you, to find out how to benefit from coaching reach out to me at  ,for a free 30 minute consultation.

Assigned tasks and projects are an important part of your success, be ready to work and to create the life you were meant to live.


Take that first step by calling or texting (905) 620-1151


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