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Now that you've graduated YTT what now? If you are nervous or just want the support of a senior teacher we have the right program for you.


One-on-one instruction with Sheree Nicholson or one of the instructors from the Live With Spirit Yoga teacher training program to assess and refine your teaching skills (2 x 1-hour sessions to review your class plans and objectives). During these 2 x 1hour sessions we will do the following;


  • Review cueing and adjustments.

  • Review sequencing

  • Review theory

  • Be provided valuable feedback on class plans.


Attend one Live With Spirit yoga class a week (public or private) to observe and participate as a student teacher. (5 weeks) Meet with teacher post class to discuss the class.

Teach one class at Live With Spirit which will be evaluated by your mentor.


Learn sequencing that makes sense and how to modify postures for students who have injuries or lack of mobility.


Be part of the substitute teacher list at Live With Spirit Yoga.



Program cost is $375.00+HST




Acharya Ram Vakkalanka

Acharya Ram Vakkalanka is a Yoga philosopher, Kirtan leader, Sanskrit teacher and Sitar artist. Ram belongs to the spiritual lineage of Dattatreya and his spiritual Guru is Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji of Mysore, India. Based in Toronto, Canada, Ram travels all over North America and India teaching Yoga Philosophy and Sanskrit, conducting Kirtan and Mantra chanting sessions, training Kirtan leaders, performing and teaching Sitar. Ram's core values are 'authentic tradition' and 'modern presentation' in all areas of endeavor. Ram is known for his impressive ability to teach even the most intricate texts of Yoga in an easily understandable manner, using modern presentation tools and current examples, making the learning experience enlightening and fun at the same time. His Sanskrit courses entitled "Sanskrit the fun way" are sought after for their relevance to the Yoga world and orientation to the native English speakers. Ram's Sitar music is highly applauded by many Yoginis and Yogis for its soothing, meditative quality as well as its calming effect

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